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Why renting a private jet is more beneficial than flying commercial airliners

Renting a private jet has always been seen as the hallmark of top executives, business owners and celebrities, but all that is changing. Many businesses and private individuals are turning to this option to meet their specific travel needs – and it’s not difficult to see why.

Privacy: Private jets ensure your complete privacy throughout your flight because only you, your invited guests and the crew are on board. This is ideal for business associates who want to continue working alone or with their team while they’re in the air without the interruption of noisy passengers or other distractions. For families, having the additional privacy is far more relaxing, as children can sit with parents rather than possibly being split up on the aircraft. In addition, you can relax and enjoy the flight in luxury while your children enjoy their own entertainment.

Save time and money: Renting a private jet is not just about utilizing state-of-the art technology, it’s about an entire travel process optimized for your convenience. Unlike flying commercially, you won’t be subjected to lengthy transfers to the airport from distant parking lots, invasive TSA security check-points, long check-in queues or the frustrating boarding process. In addition, you don’t need to deal with overbooked flights, delays, long layovers or missed connections. Your time is valuable, and private jet companies understand this.

Comfort: First class travel may be the benchmark in commercial airliners, but it simply does not compare to private jet travel. With only you and your invited guests on board, you’ll have the space to stretch out in comfort as well as the exclusive use of luxury facilities. The company and crew will also work with you to ensure that any special requests you may have are met, from selecting five-star quality in-flight meals or entertainment to accommodating your pets in the cabin.

Private jet rental – the way air travel should be

Air Charters is a full-service private jet rental company based at Teterboro Airport. With our own expertly-maintained fleet and dedication to exceptional customer services, we aim to deliver world-class private jet travel options to all of our clients.
From political leaders and celebrities to business people and private individuals, we offer luxurious door-to-door services that are customized to your needs, convenient, reliable and safe.

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