Rent A Jet From Our Fleet

Air Charters owns and operates a one of the largest fleets of Learjets and Gulfstream 100 in the Northeast, serving the New York Metro area, and the rest of the globe. This means we can get you on any jet rental flight in a moment’s notice without having to wait for the drawn out process of using a broker!

We also have immediate access to other fleets, allowing us to accommodate any size, comfort, and distance need when deciding to charter a plane.

Introducing Our Fleet

Learjet 35

The Learjet 35 is a twin-engined corporate jet aircraft and a popular choice of light jet for private jet rental. The Learjet 35 is known for its range, good handling characteristics, low fuel burn and fast cruising speed, making it one of your fastest jet rental options to get you where you want to go quickly, affording you more time on the ground.


The Learjet 55 is one of the most popular business midsize jets in the world boasting generous range and versatility. Featuring a stand-up cabin, state-of-the-art safety and navigation technologies, makes it a comfortable, safe and reliable option for your private jet rental choices.

Gulfstream 100

The Gulfstream 100 features a midsized cabin and is designed for maximum travel distance with high standards in performance and reliability. The Gulfstream 100’s larger cabin size allows for our jet rental passengers to comfortably rest or work from a laptop in a seat, letting you utilize your time in the air with us however you desire.