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Safety, Simplicity, and Affordable Jet Charters

Make one phone call and we do it all!

Fly with Air Charters private jet charter services, private jet rental in the New York areaThe Air Charters Company based at Teterboro Airport, is uniquely positioned to deliver the elite executive charter services you expect, but at pricing that is always competitive and often much more affordable than other New York Area private jet charter companies.

Air Charters has been operating from Teterboro Airport for over 30 years with a perfect safety record. Most of our pilots have over a decade experience flying jets. And unlike so many other Jet Charter Companies that are ONLY brokers, we actually own a fleet of light and midsize jets exclusively for our use, which we maintain and fly all over the USA, Canada, the Carribean, and South America.

At Air Charters you deal directly with our executive team for your flight. Our experience and old-fashioned service ethic make your experience seemless, painless, and infinitely flexible, regardless of your travel plans.

How is Air Charters Able to Offer Such Affordable Jet Rental?

affordable jet rental Air ChartersQuite simply, its because we own and maintain our own aircraft, and they are based right on Teterboro airport, the New York area’s most convenient jetport. Thus for many types and durations of flights we pass our cost savings onto our clients. We do this without any compromise in the high level of service and amenities that this elite form of travel demands. Whatever you want or need, we can get it for you. And with private jet charters, you can always count on our professionalism and discretion during your flight.

If your flight plans meet the criteria below, it is highly likely we can be the most affordable jet charter option for your business or personal travel.

√  You can leave from Teterboro Airport. (Our limo service will get you there from anywhere in NY or NJ)

√  Your itinerary is 4 days or less.

√  Your party is 8 people or less.

√  Your trip is within the continental USA, the Carribean, or Canada

We offer you all the comforts of real first class travel and more. Don’t wake up hours earlier to get to the airport. Take your time getting here, security and baggage issues are all but non-existent, and plan to have breakfast onboard – from omelets and croissants, to fresh fruit and yogurt, we’ll keep you nourished, refreshed, and on-time to wherever you are going.

Turn-Key, Door To Door Services

Realize that the Air Charters executive team will take over all elements of your travel plan with just one phone call.  Cars can be arranged to get you to your departure airport, and hotels can be arranged to your requirements.  Special requests? Most special requests can be accommodated, just tell us what you need and our concierge team will figure it out for you.

Multiple stops on your trip? Not a problem, in each case we’ll figure out the closest airports and best hotels that meet your needs, file flight plans and arrange ground transportation or rental cars at each stop.

2 Hour Departure Window

Since Air Charters owns and operates our own fleet at Teterboro, we can get you in to your private chartered jet and in the air within 2 hours of contacting us with your request. Avoid security lines and ticket agents – book at a moment’s notice and get there fast with our flexible scheduling and quick and easy access to meeting locations. That’s what makes us unique from other charter jet service companies, and brings people back on board, flight after flight.

Crew On Standby 24/7

Our crew is on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you will always have availability for your next chartered flight. Flying with our private jet services will allow you to manage your schedule far more efficiently and help you to maximize your time to do business or pleasure.

Aircraft Charter Cost Offset Management

Offset your private jet ownership and operating costs by letting us handle your aircraft management and open up the potential to earn offsetting revenue in the process! Plus, you will have your own personal flight department without having to pay for staff or infrastructure! Air Charters provides a highly trained and experienced crew for your aircraft and performs all FAA required maintenance for continued certification. You may alsi save thousands of dollars each year through our volume fuel pricing savings!

Consolidated and Itemized Billing

No need to manage hundreds of receipts for each trip.  Businesses love our streamlined and itemized  billing process, presenting all charges from your trip in a consolidated format to make your transaction seamless. Your accountant will thank us.

For those with aircraft under management, consolidated billing is an even greater convenience, providing a single source for all information related to managing your expensive and valuable aircraft resources.

On-Airport Maintenance

Teterboro Airport is our home. This means that we perform all aircraft maintenance on the premises without the need to move the planes elsewhere, making our fleet always  available and well maintained for your safety. Our mechanics have decades of experience maintaining jet aircraft and proactively insure that all aircraft meet the latest FAA standards for safety.  Travel in a safe, private, first-class environment with Air Charters.

Fly Safe and Hassle Free – Fly Air Charters

Eliminate the hassle of flying commercial airlines. Air Charters ensures a high level of personal service from the moment you reach out to us to the moment you leave us. We offer door to door services including picking you up and taking you right to your private jet door for your departure to safely returning you to your doorstep upon arrival. Plus, we also offer the ability to fly non-stop between close in airports, eliminate overnight stays, or hold private brainstorming sessions while enroute –  all ways to profit from saving your valuable time. There is no better way to fly!