Why Do Business Executives Prefer to Use Private Jet Rental Services?

Time is money – if you can save the one, you save the other – and no one knows this better than the business executives that run the industry giants of our economy. That’s why their preferred way to travel is by private jet. So how do these services deliver this benefit?

Less time waiting: Commercial airliners work on a set schedule, and whether you’re traveling first class or in the back, you’ll all arrive at the same time. These aircraft operate out of select airports only, and because of their size, they need to wait to use the larger runways. This can mean congestion – and anyone who flies regularly knows just what it’s like to wait on the runway or in a holding pattern for ages.

In contrast, private jets can access thousands of airports across the country. They can use shorter runways, fly less congested routes, and leave exactly when you want them to – you set the schedule, after all. In addition, you get to skip TSA security lines, so you can board and be up in the air within minutes – not hours – of reaching the airport.

Faster flights: Commercial airliners have to fly very specific routes through a dedicated hub-and-spoke network, something that private jets don’t have to do. This means that they can fly directly to your destination. They also climb faster than airlines and cruise at a higher altitude at greater speeds, so they can get out of poor weather and get you to your destination much faster.

Zero downtime: Even in first class, commercial travelers have to respect the rules of the airline and the privacy of the people sharing your cabin, so it’s much harder to work while you’re travelling. Private jets, however, are rented for the sole use of you and your guests, so you are free to continue working in the air – even if this means holding meetings and brainstorming sessions. In fact, a survey by the National Business Aviation Association reported that participants were 20% more productive in a private jet than in the office compared to the 40% drop in productivity reported by commercial travelers.

Let Executive Jet Charters in New York Prioritize the Way You Do Business 

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