rent a private jet for family vacations

Who is using private jet rental services?

Private jet rental is still seen by many as the hallmark of the super-rich and famous, but is this really true? With the USA dominating the private charter market, we’re finding out that more and more people are turning to private jet rental for their flexible schedules, convenience and shorter travel times in addition to their comfort and style. Here are some insights into the types of people who choose to fly privately, from one of New York’s leading private jet companies.

  • Families: With charter flights cost becoming more affordable because of high demand, private jet rental is becoming very popular with families. Although it is still an expensive way to fly, the travel experience is far superior to even flying first class commercially. Children of any age are welcome, and the family pets are too. Private jet companies will cater to any specific diet choices and the inflight entertainment and freedom away from other passengers makes traveling with the whole family a real pleasure instead of a hassle.
  • Corporate groups: Businesses often make use of private jet companies because of their flexibility, the fact that you can schedule your own flight times and their ability to use private airports closer to their destinations rather than crowded commercial hubs. Private jets are also equipped to ensure that corporate clients can work in the air, hold meetings and brainstorm, as there are no other passengers on board. However, this isn’t just for top executives – often, we cater to entire teams of employees from every level who have to travel for business.
  • Tours: Authors on book tours, politicians on the campaign trail and celebrities doing promotional tours for new movies or albums all choose to make use of private air travel. Their reasons are very similar to corporate groups – namely, that they can keep working on the go without interrupting other passengers, that they can set the schedule and minimize travel time. This often makes charter flights more affordable than commercial travel, as more direct routes can be chosen and minimal time is wasted in airports, transfers and in the air.

Affordable, world-class private jet rental for business and private clients 

At Air Charters, we’re one of the top private jet companies because we understand that our clients expect the exceptional, which is why we offer the highest quality private jet rental services from all New York airports. Unlike charter brokers, we own our own aircraft and are based at Teterboro Airport, which is why we can get you in the air and travelling in style at an affordable cost in just 2 hours.

In addition to private jet charter services, we offer first-class door-to-door transportation services and concierge services. We’re happy to take on any special requests from our clients, and turn air travel into a truly convenient and rewarding experience. For more information on how to charter a private jet or to find out how much is a private jet rental, please contact us today.