private jet charter documents

What documentation do you need for private charter flights?

Passengers are required to meet certain legal obligations when they travel by air; this includes documentation. Here is advice from one of New York’s leading private jet companies:

  • Passport or proof of identity

Official ID is essential for your private charter flight to ensure that the correct person is traveling on the correct aircraft. Before you board, the crew will fill out the passenger manifest which will include your name. Your ID will be used to confirm your identity. For national flights, any form of official photograph ID can be used. International flights will require a valid passport. Please note that if your passport expires in 6 months or less before the date of your trip, you are advised to apply for a new passport, as some countries restrict entry to people whose passports are about to expire.

  • Valid Visa – International flights

While some countries do not require a visa for US citizens, many others do. So, it is important to check your visa policies up to a few months in advance of your trip to ensure that you have a valid visa for the duration of your trip. Your visa will be checked upon your arrival in your destination country. Many airports have checkpoints for private jet charters, so you can pass through quickly without a long airport wait.

  • Documentation for pets

Pets are most welcome on private jets: operators are happy to accommodate them in the cabin and meet their every travel need. However, if you are flying outside of the country, you may be required to have certain paperwork in place if you want to bring your pet with you. These requirements are different from country to country. Certain vaccination certificates and additional health checks are often required. Fortunately, your private jet charter company, as well as vet and pet travel specialists, can assist you with getting the correct documentation in place.

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