New Jersey Air Charters Gulfstream 100 Jet for Rent

What are the most popular aircraft for private jet rental?

Private jets come in all shapes and sizes, with different capacities, technical specs and luxury features. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular private jets on the market and what makes them the best choice for private jet rental companies and their clients.

  • The Gulfstream 100: A larger mid-size private jet, this aircraft is a favorite with groups of up to 9 passengers wanting to fly longer distances across country. It has comfortable, spacious seating where passengers can work or relax, and its maximum speed of 543mph means you’ll get to your destination in minimal time.
  • The Cessna Citation Mustang: This is a very light jet ideal for short sprint trips of around two hours. Because of its small size, it is very fuel efficient and can land easily at small private airports, making it ideal for small groups or couples.
  • Learjet 35: A twin-engine corporate jet, this light aircraft is known for its steady handling, fast cruising speed and fuel efficiency. It can carry 8 passengers with 2 crew, and has a comfortable cabin appointed with luxury features.
  • Bombardier Challenger 850: This executive aircraft has a range of 5-6 hours and can take up to 14 passengers, making it one of the most popular larger private jets. Its spacious cabin can offer a range of layouts and features, allowing passengers to hold meetings, catch up on sleep or watch a movie.
  • The Cessna Citation XLS range: These jets are some of the best-selling private jets in the world, known for their reliability, comfort and affordability. They cover a range of engine specs and cabin sizes that are ideal for small groups, corporate travelers and private clients.
  • The Learjet 55: Another mid-size jet known for its reliability, the Learjet 55 has a generous range, state-of-the-art equipment and a stand-up cabin for exceptional comfort. It can easily accommodate 7 passengers with 2 crew.

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From political leaders and celebrities to business people and private individuals, we offer luxurious door-to-door services that are customized to your needs, convenient, reliable and safe.

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