Stranded at the Airport Due to Poor Weather? Get Private Charter Flights

Travelling by commercial airline is becoming more and more of a hassle as demand increases, but nothing compares to the havoc that weather can play on your travel plans. It is the single biggest cause for travel delays and cancellations, accounting for 69% of them according the FAA. Whether you’re in first class or not, you’re all in the same boat when it comes to weather – so what can you do if you’re stranded? The answer is to choose private charter flights.

Private Jet Companies Can Fly When You Can’t 

While some weather systems are simply too huge or severe to risk flying in, private charter flights can often fly when commercial aircraft are grounded. This is because they have far more flexible capabilities and restrictions, allowing them to fly above, below or around weather systems. Private jets can also utilize more airports than commercial aircraft, so we can take off from or land at unaffected airports that are close to your destination.

What are the USA’s Worst Weather Airports?

According to the FAA, the airports in the USA most affected by weather-related delays include some of the biggest international airports in the country. Houston Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, and Boston Logan International Airport all made the top ten list, with San Francisco International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport taking the top positions.

This isn’t just a matter of inconvenience, as it has a significant impact on the economy itself. Statistics from 2015 conclude that bad weather flight cancellations cost the USA over $2.4 billion in just that year alone, stranding 4.5 million people and costing airlines in lost revenue, crew costs, refunds and more.

Take Weather Delays out of your Travel Plans with Private Charter Flights 

Air Charters is a fully licensed and certified private jet charter company that has been providing luxury and corporate private jet travel services for over 30 years. Based in New York at Teterboro Airport, we’re proud of our perfect safety record and we strive to offer our valued clients affordable, flexible private jet rental and value-added luxury services to meet all your private travel or corporate travel needs.

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