private plane charter Teterboro Airport

Save time and experience comfort in a private jet

Private jet charter means two things above all else – luxury and convenience. Leading private jet companies in New York know that clients and their guests come first, especially when it comes to the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re a politician running a campaign, a celebrity jetting in for a red carpet event, a CEO with a busy schedule or an individual who enjoys the finer things in life, renting a private jet has never been more affordable, more practical or more luxurious than it is right now.

Meet the fleet – The private jets that get you there on time and in style

As one of the leading luxury and corporate jet rental companies, we offer our clients access to an expertly maintained and managed fleet. Unlike flight brokers, we own our own aircraft, so we ensure the highest quality flying experience without relying on other parties – which is how we developed a reputation for exceptional client service and safety.

Our fleet includes the following aircraft:

• Learjet 35: Popular for its comfort, speed and size, this twin-engine jet is the preferred choice for corporate clients. It has a luggage limit of 42 cubic feet and can be arranged to seat 8 people, making it ideal for meetings and strategy sessions in the sky. Powered by its Garrett TFE731-2 turbofan engines, this aircraft has a great flying range and low fuel burn as well as speed, saving you time and money.

• Learjet 55: Known as the “Longhorn” this medium-sized jet is ideal for private or corporate groups of up to 7 passengers. It has generous range and versatility, and is similar to the Learjet 35 in terms of performance. It features a stand-up cabin, as well as cutting-edge safety and navigation technology.

• Gulfstream 100: Seating 9 passengers in comfort, this powerful jet is a great choice for larger corporate or private groups. It has the longest range of all of our jets, so clients can fly further with fewer or no refueling stops. With exceptionally high standards of performance, comfort and reliability, this jet sets the standard for private air travel.

Private jet charter – Exclusive luxury and privacy at an affordable rate

Air Charters is a full-service private jet rental company based at Teterboro Airport. With our own expertly-maintained fleet and dedication to exceptional customer services, we aim to deliver world-class private jet travel options to all of our clients.
From political leaders and celebrities to business people and private individuals, we offer luxurious door-to-door services that are customized to your needs, convenient, reliable and safe.

To find out more about private jet charter services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.