Private Jet Companies Support Your Business Road Shows

Multi-city tours, corporate roadshows and entertainment tours require specialist organization from start to finish if they’re going to run smoothly. Details can change at a moment’s notice, challenges are inevitable and there’s no room for error… which is why private jet charter is the only way to go. Here’s what we can offer you to maximize time, productivity and comfort that commercial airlines can’t.

Fully customizable scheduling according to your needs 

Rather than having to work around commercial airline schedules, our flight schedules work around you. Need an aircraft at a moment’s notice? We can have you in the air in just two hours. Need a backup aircraft? We manage and maintain our own fleet of private jets, so we’ll be there. Have last-minute changes to your schedule? No problem, our crew’s job is wait for you.

Fly directly to more cities with private jet charter 

Commercial airliners are significantly restricted in terms of what airports they are allowed to utilize, which means skipping certain cities or hiring cars for a lengthy and time-consuming road trip. Private jets can use private as well as commercial airports, giving them over 4, 000 airports that they can access – that’s ten times more than commercial flights. This means that you have more direct access to more cities, and can often choose to land at quieter private airports over busy commercial hubs.

What types of road shows can utilize private jet rental? 

Private jet companies regularly serve clients who have complex travel requirements, including:

  • Sports teams – Charter services for sports teams, support crew, and sponsors.
  • Film and television crew – Charter flights for crews or promotional tours.
  • Road shows – Either ensuring passengers arrive at multiple destinations on time or running long-term trips to multiple cities.
  • Trade delegations – Scheduling trips for corporate teams to destinations throughout the country.
  • Political tours – Chartering flights and developing schedules for campaign tours and staff.
  • Performing arts and music: Flight scheduling and charter services for musicians, concert tours, national tours, and support crew.

Tailored private jet charter services for tours, campaigns and roadshows 

While first class commercial travel is certainly luxurious, it simply doesn’t compare to chartering an aircraft from Air Charters for the exclusive use of you and your guests. We offer the highest quality private jet rental services from all New York airports. Unlike charter brokers, we own our own aircraft and are based at Teterboro Airport, which is why we can get you in the air and travelling in style at an affordable cost in just 2 hours.

Corporate clients are able to tailor a flight schedule to suit their needs rather than conforming to pre-set commercial schedules. It’s easier to fly to multiple destinations and, with greater access to more airports, private jets get you even closer to your destination. Whether you want to rest, work on a project, hold meetings or unwind, private jet rental simply makes more sense when you’re pushing ahead in the corporate world.

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