Charter a Jet For Your Next Business Trip

Executive Jet Charter Services serving Teterboro, New York and New Jersey. Private Jet charter for business executives.
Air Charters’ executive jet charter services allow the busy professional to reach meetings in the most time-efficient and comfortable way to travel. The preferred choice for executive travel, Air Charters provides all the comforts of real first class travel and more.

With our business private jet charter services, you can book your flight at a moment’s notice, have faster check-in times and avoid the hassle of long airport security lines while traveling in a safe, private, first class business environment.

Conduct your next business meeting with your own schedule flexibility and avoid the headache and bad impressions that commercial airline delays can create.

Our Executive Jet Charter Services

Executive plane charter new york area. Plane charter for business executives.Our luxurious jet aircraft charter allows you to hold meetings in the sky and maximize your productivity time off and on the ground. We offer you easy access to meetings with the ability to fly non-stop with our jet aircraft charter between close-in airports, arriving fresh at your destinations and eliminating unnecessary overnight stays, making your budget stretch further.

For the busy CEO, or corporate executive, the cost of chartering your private aircraft can be more than offset by time you save getting to where you need to be, and the flexibility and efficiency of personalized departure and arrival. Using private charter flights allows business professionals to work on their own schedules, potentially making multiple stops over one or more days, without the time constraints encountered through commercial airlines.

Business executives benefit in a number of ways when they choose to charter a private jet as opposed to booking a flight on a major airline.

  • Short notice departure is an option. Don’t have to “catch the next flight”, instead the next flight is when you say it is.
  • First class luxury, with many customizable amenities from gluten free gourmet meals, to conference tables for in-flight meetings.
  • Most Economical Rates for Short Stay Charter. If you are leaving from TEB, and your trip is less than 3 or 4 days anywhere in North America, it is almost certain that you will not find better jet charter rates than ours.
  • Confidentiality. Private Jet Charter services are first and foremost, private. What you say, do, and transport on our aircraft, remains strictly confidential.
  • Flexibility. Travel plans changed mid trip? No problem when you have a private jet and pilots at your beck and call. You tell us what changed, and we take care of everything else.