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Pets Are Part Of The Family When It Comes To Private Jet Rental

One of the main concerns that travelers express when considering flying by private jet is whether or not their pet will be able to accompany them. The answer is that they are most welcome!

Flying pets by commercial airline is becoming increasingly challenging for a number of reasons, including:

  • Space considerations: Many airliners restrict the size of pets allowed in the aircraft cabin, and pets that are larger than around 15lbs are often only allowed to travel in the hold.
  • Safety: If your pet can only travel in the cargo hold, the airliner will have safety requirements in place, including specific travel crates, that you will have to meet before your pet is allowed to travel with you.
  • Weather: Commercial airliners often take a long time to load luggage and passengers, as they often carry hundreds of people at a time. This can mean long waits on the tarmac for your pet, where it can be exposed to considerable heat and cold. Many commercial airliners refuse to carry pets at certain times of this year due to this issue.
  • Number of pets: If you are able to take your pet into the cabin with you, commercial airliners will often restrict you to a single pet per person.
  • Breed: Some commercial airliners will not carry certain breeds on board in the hold for safety reasons. This includes all short-nosed or brachycephalic breeds like pugs, bulldogs, bull mastiffs and Persian cats, who may have trouble breathing in the hold at high altitudes.

The good news is that none of these restrictions apply when charter a private jet with a pet! In fact, we pride ourselves on extending this luxury experience to your pets, and they are welcome in the cabin with you for the duration of your travel. Our only requirement is that you notify us in advance that you will be travelling with a pet, so that we can make sure we have everything on board, from food and water to additional extras, to ensure that they enjoy it as much as you do.

Pets are welcome on private jets – Book your charter flight today 

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