what does it cost to charter a private jet

Owning your own jet vs. private jet rental – How they measure up

Increasingly, corporate and private individual travelers are turning to private jet rental to meet their travel needs. In fact, for many of them this has become such a frequent mode of travel that purchasing their own private jet seems like a sensible option. But how does this measure up to private jet rentals?

Does it matter how many hours you spend on charter flights? 

There is a popular rule of thumb that if you or your company utilizes private jets for a certain number of hours per year, that it simply makes more sense to purchase a private jet for your own use. However, it is more important to consider how you make use of private jets rather than for how many hours you use them. For example:

  • Multiple aircraft: Businesses may need their executives and their teams to spend hours flying to meetings and events in corporate jets, but unless you are only ever sending out one team at a time, buying your own jet will not alleviate the need for private jet rentals. For most corporate clients, multiple jets are needed on occasion over overlapping time periods.
  • Downtime for staff: When renting a private jet, the crew and aircraft are available exactly when you need them for the duration of your trip. After taking you to your destination, they will then travel back to take care of other clients. However, if you have your own jet and crew, then they face significant downtime while you are not utilizing their services. Flying to a week-long event, for example, means having to put up your crew and store your jet for a week, which can become costly when they are simply sitting idle.
  • Decentralized departures: Having to fly out of multiple regions for different individuals and events can quickly become difficult to manage and costly. If an aircraft is needed in New York but has flown in an executive to Chicago, it then must fly back empty. This can become costly in terms of paying for crew and fuel, but more importantly, can result in the kind of scheduling disasters that private jet rental companies exist to remove.
  • Maintenance, storage and crew: When purchasing your own private jet, the significant responsibility of hiring crew, administering the flight (catering, etc.) and taking care of maintenance and repairs can quickly become a burden. Costs associated with owning and maintain a private jet can be significant, and the failure to properly maintain these aircraft can quickly result in tragedy, so it is vital that it is professionally overseen.

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