Just who is choosing private jet charter over commercial aviation?

Recent statistics have continued to confirm that the USA leads the way in private jet charter flights, accounting for over 70% of the global industry as a whole with over 2.5 million private jet flights per year! So just who is choosing this exclusive form of air travel?

  • The rich and famous: Of course, celebrities and high rollers have always been a big part of the private jet charter clientele. These clients value privacy and luxury above all, and renting a jet is an affordable way to travel in absolute comfort – as well as arrive in style. This way of traveling is also preferred because private jet companies are able to offer customized services, from accommodating pets and large quantities of luggage, to providing luxury door-to-door services and catering to specific refreshment requirements.
  • Business people: Usually, people think that private jets are just for CEOs, but that’s actually not the case. While high-level executives are frequent flyers with private jet companies, these services are often used for entire teams that can range from specific projects to representatives of different departments, as well as corporate guests. This is because private charter flights allow groups to continue working as they travel, from holding conference calls and meetings to managing briefings and networking – something that’s impossible even in a first class commercial cabin.
  • Politicians: While commercial travel might work for sometimes, private flights offer more convenience and flexibility when politicians are on a busy schedule that requires multiple stops in different towns and cities. This is because clients set the schedule for their own flight, so they can minimize travel time. Private jets can also land at thousands of smaller airports that are unavailable to large commercial liners, allowing faster access to cities and more time spend on the campaign trail than on travel.

Privacy, convenience and affordability – the future of private charter flights 

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