the learjet 35 private plane charter service availavle from the new jersey area air charters

Jet rentals: Making every second count on your ski trip

When you want to hit the slopes, every minute counts – which is why Private jet rentals are the only way to go. Here are some of the many advantages of the most exclusive way to travel:

  • Get closer to the slopes: Private jets are able to land at more airports and at smaller airports than commercial liners. This means that you get to take the most direct route to your destination, saving you time and unnecessary car travel.
  • Weather permitting: Snowy weather is great for skiing, but terrible for flying – unless you’re in a private jet. Private jets are allowed to fly in inclement weather where commercial jets would be grounded. They can also fly around bad weather more easily, ensuring that every measure is taken to ensure you get to your destination on time.
  • Traffic delays: Bad weather not only affects commercial airliners, it also affects the traffic to and from commercial airports. With the crush of winter travelers, navigating roads and airports can quickly become a stressful experience rife with delays and poor service. By utilizing private airports in quieter areas, private jet rental allows you to skip as much of the traffic as possible and start your holiday as quickly and enjoyably as possible.
  • Exceptional client service: Decided last minute to go skiing this weekend? Want to bring your pets? Or do you have specific service requests for your transport and flight? These are all issues that can see your trip ruined before it even begins if you choose to fly commercially – but they’re part of the package when you rent a private jet. They’ll get you and your friends or family on their way in a matter of hours, cater to your pets and take care of any special requirements, dietary or otherwise, to ensure that your holiday starts in style.

Luxury jet rental – It’s the only way to fly 

Air Charters is a full-service private and corporate jet rental company based at Teterboro Airport. With our own expertly-maintained fleet and dedication to exceptional customer services, we aim to deliver world-class private jet travel options to all of our clients.

From political leaders and celebrities to business people and private individuals, we offer luxurious door-to-door services that are customized to your needs, convenient, reliable and safe.

To find out more about how to rent a jet or private jet rental costs, please do not hesitate to contact us today.