Inside The Career Of A Private Jet Charter Pilot

A career of a pilot for a top private jet charter company is one that offers excitement and adventure – but it’s not the right career for everyone. Here are some insights from one of New York’s top private jet companies.

Private charter flights are all about flexibility and availability 

The services that private jet companies are all about accommodating your client’s every scheduling need. One of the most important reasons why people choose private aircraft charter services is to travel quickly and conveniently, directly to their destination of choice, even at a moment’s notice.

While pilots can request time off, work is all about being flexible and available at a moment’s notice. Many trips are scheduled well in advance, but at Air Charters, we can get our clients up in the air in 2 hours or less. That means that pilots and crew must be ready to work at almost any time of the day or night, throughout the year. This often means having an irregular schedule, missing holidays and significant family events.

Exceptional service and experience is everything 

Private clients are paying a lot of money for these services, so it’s important for everyone on the crew to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Pilots not only have to be fully trained and experienced in the aircraft they are flying, but must also have strong people skills and work well under pressure.

Crews for these flights are much smaller than commercial airliners, so each member of the crew must be able to work one-on-one with clients, make them feel welcome and accommodate a wide variety of special requests. It’s this unique experience that makes private jet rental such a luxurious and exceptional experience.

See the world through the eyes of the rich and famous 

Although being a private jet pilot is hard work, it’s incredibly worthwhile. Not only do pilots get to fly some of the most advanced aircraft on the market for some of the most powerful and interesting people in the world, they also get to fly to unusual and interesting destinations that are inaccessible to commercial pilots.

Rent a jet and meet our world-class professional crews 

As one of the USA’s leading private jet charter companies, we at Air Charters understand that our clients expect the exceptional, which is why we offer the highest quality private jet rental services from all New York airports. Unlike charter brokers, we own our own aircraft and are based at Teterboro Airport, which is why we can get you and your guests up in the air and travelling in style at an affordable cost in just 2 hours.

With first-class door-to-door transportation services and concierge services, we’re happy to take on any special requests from our clients, and turn air travel into a truly convenient and rewarding experience. For more information on how to rent a private jet or charter flight costs, please contact us today at