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How Safe Is It to Travel Using a Private Jet Charter Company?

A frequently expressed concern by people who are considering private jet charter is whether or not private charter flights are safe. This is a completely understandable concern, and having all the facts at hand is essential to making the right decision for you and your guests.

Private Jet Charter is Often the Safer Choice 

Just like commercial airlines, private jet companies make safety for passengers and crew the top priority. Both are governed by FAA (Federal Aviation Association) safety policies and companies take their own measures to ensure they have an impeccable safety record.

Statistics and facts show that, while any airline travel is exceptionally safe, there are far fewer passenger fatalities on charter or private jets combined than there are on commercial airliners.

Factors Contributing Towards Safety on Private Charter Flights 

  • Reputable private jet companies: It’s important to know the reputation and safety record of the company you want to fly with, and to ensure that they have a perfect safety record and are fully certified before you partner with them. This is the first and most important step to take when considering your safety in the air.
  • Pilot experience: It takes considerable training and experience before you someone can become a pilot on a private jet, and most pilots have decades of experience – often with a background as captains for commercial airliners – before they qualify. This ensures an exceptionally high standard of crew.
  • Bad weather is less of a problem: Commercial airliners are quickly grounded in the event of bad weather, as this presents a safety risk to aircraft and passengers, but this isn’t the case for private jets. They can easily fly above bad weather or divert to a nearby, unaffected airport to avoid this hazard.
  • The best private jet companies are owner/operators: These companies put their reputation on the line each time one of their jets take to the skies, so they put extra emphasis on maintaining their fleet to impeccable standards, as well as ensuring that their crew’s flight skills, safety training and professionalism is beyond reproach.

Rent a Jet for Efficiency, Luxury and Peace of Mind 

Air Charters is a fully licensed and certified private jet charter company that has been providing luxury and corporate private jet travel services for over 30 years. Based in New York at Teterboro Airport, we’re proud of our perfect safety record and we strive to offer our valued clients affordable, flexible private jet rental and value-added luxury services to meet all your private travel or corporate travel needs.

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