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How private jet rentals are helping companies grow

In this global age, growing your business successfully is all about connecting and bringing people closer together; whether it’s businesses and clients or potential business partnerships. Private jets play a significant role in making this connection happen.

  • Building a productive network:

The internet is a powerful tool for communication. However, nothing says “Let’s get down to business” quite like a face-to-face meeting. While your business head office may be in one state, the labor, production or raw materials may be on the other side of the country or the world. Renting a private jet is the simplest and most effective way to stay connected with the different facets of a growing and dynamic business.

  • Less time spent in the air:

Private jets are faster, more direct and more flexible than even the most exclusive commercial flight, allowing you to travel to more airports and get closer to your destination without getting bogged down in commercial airspace or hubs. Private airports drastically reduce check-in times and queuing. In most cases, you can progress from your car directly onto the aircraft with no delay. These aircraft can also fly safely in adverse weather conditions, resulting in less time spent waiting on runways and fewer cancelled meetings.

  • Time in the air is more productive:

Commercial airlines restrict your movement while in the air due to the restricted amenities available and the fact that the cabin is shared space. Renting a private jet removes these restrictions, allowing you to work in the air, hold meetings with other team members on board your flight, and strategize in total privacy.

  • Demonstrate your success and client service:

Nothing says “success” quite like private jet rental. Taking the time to fly to and meet with clients and partners in person say something even more valuable. With client service being a priority for companies looking to grow and build a strong network, ensuring that a personal face-to-face relationship is developed, is key.

Efficient, reliable private jet rental for corporate and business clients 

Air Charters is a full-service private and corporate jet rental company based at Teterboro Airport. With our own expertly-maintained fleet and dedication to exceptional customer services, we aim to deliver world-class private jet travel options to all our clients.

From political leaders and celebrities to business people and private individuals, we offer luxurious door-to-door services that are customized to your needs: convenient, reliable and safe.

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