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How Private Jet Charter Companies Help Provide Lifesaving Medical Support

When people think about private charter flights, they often think of them as being part of the lives of the wealthy, famous and powerful. And while that is one aspect of this exclusive service, there is also another side to private jet charter – providing safe, rapid transport for life-saving donor organs with organ donor private jet charter flights.

Why use private charter flights? 

Organ procurement and transplants are complex and delicate procedures, but most importantly they are time-sensitive. There is just a short amount of time in which an organ remains viable for transplant – hearts, for example, have just 4-6 hours – so ensuring that these precious gifts of life get to their intended recipient in time is essential.

This is where private jets provide a vital service. Not only are they faster than commercial airliners, they can be scheduled at rapid notice according to the hospital’s needs, and can fly a more direct route to a wider range of airports than an airliner is able to. They can also fly in poor weather conditions in which airliners would be grounded. This means that private jet companies are able to fetch and deliver transplant organs more reliably, more rapidly and more directly than any other form of transportation.

Organ donation: The ultimate gift of life

Did you know that a single organ donor can save up to 8 lives? In 2016 alone, over 33,611 transplants were performed, many with the lifesaving assistance of private jet companies, and all through the generosity of organ donors.

We’re proud to be a private jet charter company specializing in medical jet charter services 

Along with specialized medical crew, our private jet charter services take care of every aspect of the trip to make it as smooth and efficient as possible, including the crucial ground ambulance transportation that takes donor organs on the final leg of the journey.

With over 30 years of experience in managing this essential link between the metropolitan area’s transplant centers and donor hospitals, we’re dedicated to delivering a fast, efficient and reliable service to assist those in need.

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