Geno Haggan Acquires Air Charters Incorporated to Enhance Organ Procurement and Doctor Transport Business

TETERBORO, N.J.July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Geno Haggan, a prominent figure in the aviation and air ambulance industries, announced the successful acquisition of Air Charters Incorporated (ACI) on March 3, 2023. ACI is a full-service private air charter company renowned for its expertise in organ transport. The acquisition is expected to further develop Geno Haggan’s organ procurement and doctor transport business, enabling faster and more efficient medical transportation services. 

ACI Charters ACI has established itself as a leader in the specialized field of organ transport, providing timely and secure transportation solutions for life-saving organ donations. The company has earned the trust of medical institutions, doctors, and transplant coordinators around the country for nearly 30 years.

By combining ACI’s extensive experience and industry knowledge along with his own air ambulance company, Peak Medevac, Haggan aims to create a comprehensive and reliable network for transporting patients, doctors, organs, medical personnel, and critical medical supplies.

“Our goal is to transform the way organs are procured and transported, ensuring that no time is wasted when it comes to saving lives,” stated Geno Haggan. “By integrating ACI’s capabilities into our existing infrastructure with Peak Medevac, we will boost our ability to serve the medical community and make a lasting impact on patients in need. It will also allow us to easily cover the east coast for both charter and air ambulance as well as provide a launching point for international reach.”

Based in New Jersey at Teterboro airport (TEB), this acquisition will also provide a base for Haggan’s aircraft maintenance company, Haggan Aviation, allowing reduced downtime for aircraft for all of Haggan’s aviation companies. With the newly expanded fleet and resources, Haggan is committed to maintaining the high standards set by Air Charters Incorporated. This strategic acquisition comes with 2 Learjets, full staff including pilots, mechanics, and office personnel as well as hangar and office space. The company is poised to reshape the organ procurement and doctor transport landscape, advancing medical services, and saving countless lives in the process.

About Geno Haggan:

Geno Haggan is a renowned figure in the aviation and air ambulance industries, known for his visionary leadership and commitment to improving medical transportation services. His leadership in aviation companies include Haggan AviationPrime JetASI Charter, and Peak Medevac. Through strategic acquisitions and innovative approaches, Haggan aims to revolutionize the organ procurement and doctor transport sector, ensuring that critical medical services are efficiently delivered to those in need. 

About Air Charters Incorporated:

Air Charters is a leading private air charter company specializing in organ transport services. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, the company has earned the trust of medical professionals and transplant coordinators nationwide. Air Charters is fully licensed and certified. Visit

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