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Flexible Flyer? Empty Leg Private Jet Charter Services Are For You!

Empty leg charter flights occur on a regular basis when private jets and charter aircraft have to fly to their next destination without passengers, either to return to their home base or to pick up scheduled guests. Because the aircraft are forced to fly this route anyway, these empty leg flights are offered at a significantly reduced rate – up to 75% of regular charter flight costs – to anyone who happens to require them. The catch? Passengers need to be flexible about their flight dates and times.

Why are these private charter flights so affordable? 

Aircraft operators have to move their jets to where their clients want them, when they want them – it’s part of the exclusive advantages to flying privately. For many charter companies, this is seen like an unavoidable loss on their side, as crew, fuel and maintenance costs will still accumulate. Empty leg flights are seen as a way to reduce this loss as well as give passengers a chance to find out what flying privately through private jet rental is all about.

If you happen to need to travel and you can make it work using an empty leg flight, you’re getting almost all the benefits of this exclusive travel mode without most of the cost. In fact, using empty leg flights can help you save considerably, especially if you fly First or Business Class.

The only restriction is that you are flying according to another person’s flight requirements – the time and date that they want to start their journey will determine the time and date of your flight. Otherwise, you will have all the amenities of a luxury private flight at your disposal.

How do I get the best deal on an empty leg flight?

Again, travel flexibility is key. Most charter companies will be able to send you up-to-date schedules for empty leg flights on offer, but the best rule is to travel in the opposite direction to current flight demand. For example, many private jet charter clients fly south for the winter and north for the summer, so you’re likely to get great deals on empty legs for flights like Miami to New York in the fall or winter.

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