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Five reasons why chartering your own private jet is better than flying first class

  1. Affordability: It might sound surprising at first, but it can be more affordable to charter a private jet than fly first class, especially if you are in a group. This is because if you fly commercially, you have to pay out for each individual seat, but private jets are rented as a whole. With a group on board, even on a bigger jet, you are often paying less per individual flying.
  2. Amenities: First class is well-known for its high quality amenities but they are limited by having to cater to an entire cabin full of people, so their ability to customize their travel experience is greatly reduced. Private jet charter removes that limitation because you and your invited guests are the entire focus of the crew, so personalized services are on the menu. Need special meals? No problem. Want your pet to travel on the seat next to you? Done. Need to make multiple stops in different cities along your route? They’ll make it happen.
  3. More options: When you charter a private jet, you get a far greater list of options than in first class travel. With access to different aircraft of various capacities and range, as well as thousands of additional private airports, you can choose how you want to fly and where with regards to your exact needs and specifications.
  4. Flexible flight times: Flying first class still means that you have to adhere to commercial flight schedules and routes, while traveling by private jet gives you more flexibility. When you book with a top private jet company with its own fleet, you can be up in the air in two hours or less, rather than having to wait for the next available commercial flight with open seats. Private jets will also wait for you if you are running late, so there’s no stress of missing your flight due to traffic.
  5. Productivity and privacy: Your time is valuable, and for many private jet clients the biggest advantage is that they are able to keep networking, holding meetings and working with their teams throughout their time in the air in a comfortable and spacious environment. This is also a big advantage for clients traveling for pleasure purposes, as they can talk, socialize and enjoy their trip in privacy without the restrictions of first class travel.

Experience exceptional air travel with luxury and corporate private jet charter services

At Air Charters, we understand that our clients expect the exceptional, which is why we offer the highest quality private jet rental services from all New York airports. Unlike charter brokers, we own our own aircraft and are based at Teterboro Airport, which is why we can get you and your family in the air and travelling in style at an affordable cost in just 2 hours.

With first-class door-to-door transportation services and concierge services, we’re happy to take on any special requests from our clients, and turn air travel into a truly convenient and rewarding experience. For more information on how to charter a private jet or our private jet charter costs, please contact us today.