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Explore The Benefits Of A Private Jet Charter In 2018

The New Year is here, and private jet rental services ensure you start 2018 with the right foot forward!

  • Travel that puts efficiency first: Traditional commercial airline travel is very inefficient – from having to travel to and from a limited amount of airports on a predetermined schedule, to having to arrive at the airport hours before your flight. Private jet travel eliminates as much of this wasted time as possible, allowing you to set the schedule, giving you access to a huge range of airports, and allowing you to arrive directly at the aircraft and be up in the air within minutes – no TSA queues necessary.
  • Only the best will do: Private jets are fitted out with luxury furnishings and the latest tech, but the exceptional quality doesn’t stop there. The crew is fully trained to ensure you have the best experience, and that all your needs – from culinary to entertainment – are met.
  • Pet friendly: When you travel with your pet on a private jet, they’re one of the family! They will be treated with the same care and attention as any other guest, from the moment their journey starts. If you’re planning to bring your pet along with you, all you have to do is inform the charter company so that they can have everything your pet needs, from favorite treats and meals to comfortable seating right alongside you.
  • Privacy: Even if you travel First Class, there’s simply no way of getting away from the fact that you’re having to share space with hundreds of other travellers. This makes privacy impossible on a commercial flight. When you choose private jet rental, however, you have the entire aircraft cabin at your disposal, allowing you proper privacy for talking with your family, holding business meetings, or playing your favorite film.
  • All the extras: Private jet charter isn’t just about the flight itself – it’s a whole new and luxurious experience from the moment you book. With private concierge and travel services to transport you to and from the airport, access to beautifully-appointed private lounges and airport amenities, the private flight experience just has so much more to offer.

Personalized service from one of NY’s leading private jet companies 

Based at Teterboro Airport, Air Charters is a specialist private jet charter company that has been offering exceptional service in the industry for over 30 years.

With us, you deal directly with our team, ensuring a seamless, simple and hassle-free service that delivers a far more luxurious and efficient result for our valued clients. In fact, we can get you in your private charter jet in the air within 2 hours of your booking request.

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