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Essential packing tips for when you rent a jet

The private jet charter experience is very different to flying with a commercial airline, even in first class. Packing for your trip is no exception. Here are tips and advice from one of New York’s leading private jet rental companies:

  • Limited cabin space:

In private jets, cabin space is maximized to accommodate the luxurious and functional features that are the hallmark of this exclusive mode of travel. The result is that in-cabin space for luggage is usually limited. In fact, private jets don’t even feature overhead luggage space. Instead, carry-on luggage is stowed in the back of the cabin. It’s best to keep any devices and items you’d like to have with you during the flight in a smaller bag for easy access.

  • Aircraft capacity:

There is a wide range of private jets available for rental. They are designed to suit different individual needs and range significantly in size. This means that the amount of luggage they can carry differs from jet to jet. If you have any questions about luggage capacity, feel free to speak to your rental company. Knowing how much luggage you can take depends on how many other people are in your party. Fortunately, because that is the only restriction, many people find that they can store a lot more baggage for themselves in the aircraft than in a commercial liner.

  • Flexible luggage:

Flexible suitcases rather than the rigid cases are often preferred when packing for a private flight: they are easier to arrange and stack in the smaller storage space.

  • Don’t worry about comfort:

Private jets are designed to meet your comfort requirements. So, don’t worry about taking on board travel pillows, blankets, snacks or other comforts. While your child’s favorite stuffed animal may be a must-have for the flight, you can otherwise sit back, relax and let trained attendants meet your every need.

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