Corporate private jet rental – The efficient, cost-effective solution

Flying on a private jet is becoming an increasingly common experience for business executives and their teams, but what exactly is making corporate private jet rental a better option than flying commercial or even buying a company aircraft?

Renting a jet is the smart money choice 

As demand for private air travel has increased, so the costs associated with it have become more competitive. But what not buy your own corporate jet if your business requires frequent flights? Well, one reason is that a new jet can cost between $3 million and $90 million, making it a massive investment. Not only that, it also carries significant operational costs that can quickly amount to anything from $700,000 to $4 million per year.

In contrast, renting from private jet companies is now competitive with first class commercial travel, and flexible clients can even book empty leg flights that cost significantly less.

Multiple flights on demand – on your schedule 

Purchasing a corporate jet creates complications when executives have flight schedules and designations that clash. The jet may be in use by another team during the period in which you require it, or may have to fly long distances empty back from its last arrival point in order to collect new passengers. As the owner of the jet, the business will have to manage these inconveniences and costs which would otherwise be carried by jet rental companies.

Arrive on time and in peak mental and physical shape 

While first class commercial travel is certainly luxurious, it simply doesn’t compare to chartering an aircraft from Air Charters for the exclusive use of you and your guests. We offer the highest quality private jet rental services from all New York airports. Unlike charter brokers, we own our own fleet of aircraft and are based at Teterboro Airport, which is why we can get you in the air and travelling in style at an affordable cost in just 2 hours.

Corporate clients are able to tailor a flight schedule to suit their needs rather than conforming to pre-set commercial schedules. It’s easier to fly to multiple destinations and, with greater access to more airports, private jets get you even closer to your destination. Whether you want to rest, work on a project, hold meetings or unwind, private jet rental simply makes more sense when you’re pushing ahead in the corporate world.

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