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Can Weather affect Your Private Jet Charter Flight?

One of the main inconveniences of travelling by air is that your flight will be delayed or even cancelled due to bad weather. This happens frequently on commercial flights, and you will be affected whether you’re a first class or economy traveler, but does the same apply when you rent a private jet?

The simple answer is no. While private jet companies are held to the same safety guidelines and restrictions as commercial airlines, there are far fewer delays and cancellations due to weather. This is because, while jet rental companies place your safety as the first and foremost priority, they also have greater flexibility and access to more options in the event of poor weather conditions.

Firstly, weather is constantly monitored and evaluated in terms of the airport and flight path scheduled for your trip. These can be adjusted in the event of a storm or severe weather, either by moving your flight to an unaffected airport or by changing the timing of your flight. With access to in excess of 5,000 additional private airports, private jets have more options than commercial airliners in terms of where they can land and take off.

Unlike commercial airliners, private jet flight paths are more flexible too, allowing aircraft to fly over or around severe weather more easily. It may make your trip slightly longer or, in the event of very large-scale weather systems, include a refueling stop, but our team will work out any possible route to ensure that you arrive in comfort and as close to your scheduled time and destination as possible.

With this increased flexibility and airport options, private jet companies are uniquely positioned to meet your travel needs more reliably than commercial airliners. However, to ensure that you do get a flight that suits your schedule, it is best to ensure that you book as early as possible during high-demand and weather sensitive seasons.

Make delays a thing of the past with private jet charter flights

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