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5 Reasons to Rent a Jet for a Romantic Caribbean Getaway

February is the month of love, and that means taking the time to celebrate your significant other. One of the top recommendations from our private jet charter team is to visit the islands of the Caribbean –  here’s why.

  1. Escape the chill: For most parts of the USA, February is a miserable month – everyone is tired of the cold and the snow, and winter sports are past their appeal. Escaping to the tropics is a welcome break that brings some much-needed sunshine and easy living into your life, and an island escape is all about delivering summer to you and your loved one when you need it most!
  2. World-class water sports: The couple that play together, stay together – and what better way to do it than in paradise? With beautiful oceans filled with incredible marine life, you can swim, snorkel and dive with turtles, dolphins and exotic fish. There are also great pastimes for adrenaline junkies, from game fishing and jet skiing to flyboarding, night-snorkeling and cliff-diving.
  3. Luxurious accommodation: Nothing says “pampering” quite like relaxing in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. From accommodation in exclusive UNESCO world heritage sites to the world’s most luxurious spas, golf courses and private villas, the Caribbean offers all the romance, fun, and natural beauty you could ask for!
  4. Renew your vows: Many hotels and resorts offer wedding facilities that make the most of this beautiful location, so why not take the romance to the next level with the perfect opportunity to renew your vows and have a spectacular second honeymoon?
  5. Tropical fine dining: The Caribbean has an incredibly rich culture and one of the best ways to experience this is through the food! From romantic fine dining to exploring hidden-away treasures, the restaurant scene stretches far and wide over the islands, and you’re sure to find a truly unique and special location for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

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