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5 reasons to book your private charter flights today for the Indianapolis 500

One of the most exciting and adrenaline-filled events on the national sporting calendar. Sunday, May 28th, is race day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for this year’s Indianapolis 500. Whether you’re a first time attendee, a motorsport enthusiast or just curious to see how World Champion Formula One driver Fernando Alonso holds up in this iconic motoring event, the best way to get there and start your weekend off right is by booking your private charter flights – here’s why.

  1. Take the stress out of travel: Commercial airports and flights is a headache for any traveler, especially if you want to make the most of your weekend. When you fly privately, you fly from an uncongested airport and avoid busy freeways, lengthy TSA queues, baggage restrictions, and hundreds of other travelers.
  2. We fly on your schedule: Want to fly according to what suits you and your guests? No problem. Private charter flights fly when you want them to – so you can avoid having to shape your schedule to what’s available on commercial flights. In fact, we also offer rapid turnaround times and, if our fleet is available, we can have you in the air in just two hours.
  3. Kids? Pets? Dietary restrictions? No problem: We’re in the business of making sure that the needs of our valued clients are met, so we’re more than happy to provide for all your family members and guests – even the fluffy ones – at the same level of expert, luxury service. Pets can travel inside the cabin and we’re happy to accommodate any other specific requirements – just let our crew know in advance so that we can make your flight perfect.
  4. Arrive at your destination in style: Nothing says you’ve arrived quite like a private jet, and we’re here to ensure that your holiday starts off on the right foot. Private charter flights are also able to land at a wider range of airports than commercial airliners, so we can get you as close to your destination as possible, saving you additional transport.
  5. More affordable than First Class: We often get asked, “How much is a private jet rental?”, and the answer is “More affordable than you think!”. This is because we rent the jet to you and your guests in its entirety, which makes it more affordable per seat than commercial First Class seating.

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