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5 Important Questions To Ask Before You Choose Aircraft Charter Services

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, it’s important that you partner up with the best aircraft charter services provider in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some questions to ask before you book your next charter flight.

  1. Is your private jet charter company fully certified? Your operator is required to have a current FAA 135 Operating Certificate. You have the legal right to verify this information with the FAA to ensure that the company has a clean safety record. The aircraft should be listed under the operator’s name with their D085 listing the aircraft’s tail number.
  2. How experienced is the flight operator? Pilots need to have the right experience, training and certification in order to fly private aircraft. This includes a private pilot’s license through the FAA with 40 hours of flight school and flying time, and an additional 40 hours of flight/simulator time and 50 hours command time.
  3. How long have you been in business? Experience is essential in this industry, and an operator who has been in this business for a significant amount of time indicates the necessary skill and knowledge for safe, efficient travel. This also makes it easier to research the operator and gather testimonials from previous clients.
  4. How are your aircraft maintained? Aircraft need to be expertly maintained and inspected on a regular basis to ensure their safe operation in flight and on the ground. The aircraft should also have all refurbishments (interior, exterior and equipment repairs and replacements) cleared by the FAA. Jet rental companies, like Air Charters Inc, who own and maintain their own jets show a high level of responsibility and knowledge in this area.
  5. How adaptable are your services? One of the most important characteristics of this industry’s services is the ability to meet the unique needs of the client with ease. The ability to adapt to scheduling changes, offer customized services (carrying unique cargo, bringing pets on board, offering airport transfers, etc.) and get you up in the air as soon as possible all influence the value of the operator as an effective partner.

 Safe, Efficient, Luxury Travel From Expert Aircraft Charter Services 

While first class commercial travel is certainly luxurious, it simply doesn’t compare to private jet charter from Air Charters for the exclusive use of you and your guests. We offer the highest quality private jet rental services from all New York and New Jersey airports. Unlike charter brokers, we own our own aircraft and are based at Teterboro Airport, which is why we can get you in the air and travelling in style at an affordable cost in just 2 hours.

Corporate clients are able to tailor a flight schedule to suit their needs rather than conforming to pre-set commercial schedules. It’s easier to fly to multiple destinations and, with greater access to more airports, private jets get you even closer to your destination. Whether you want to rest, work on a project, hold meetings or unwind, private jet rental simply makes more sense when you’re pushing ahead in the corporate world.

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