rent a private jet for family vacations

5 events where renting a private jet will be the perfect luxury touch

  • Your Honeymoon: This is one of those occasions in your life in which it’s totally acceptable – or even encouraged – to spare no expense, so why not indulge? Luxury private jet rental is the perfect way to keep the atmosphere romantic in a way that commercial air travel just can’t compare to. With door-to-door transportation, a customized menu of your favorite foods and champagne, and having the entire cabin to yourself, there’s simply no better way to start a romantic couple’s holiday.
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties: Want to truly let loose and let your hair down? There’s no better way than renting a private jet and flying off into the sunset to enjoy a party with your friends, whether you’re hitting up the Las Vegas strip, going to party on the beaches of the Caribbean or escape to a remote destination for an extreme adventure!
  • Family vacations: Family vacations are simpler, easier and far more relaxing when you choose private charter flights over commercial air travel. You can skip the TSA restrictions, luggage check in and the airport queues, have a significantly increased baggage allowance, have catered meals that you and your children love, and even bring the family pets!
  •  Sports events: Getting commercial flights to the country’s biggest sports events is a challenge, and private travel is fast-becoming a must-have option. Charter your flight for boxing, NASCAR, X Games, the Kentucky Derby and other big events well in advance, so that you can arrive on your personal schedule and really make an event to remember of it.

Make it an event to remember with luxury private jet rental 

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